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Navigating a China Dip

Visiting Hong Kong for the first time in two decades, I see evidence of breakneck economic transformation everywhere: swathes of new skyscrapers, enticing shopping malls, filled with outlets selling nothing but luxury watches, and everywhere a crush of cheery tour groups from China’s booming mainland. Someday the music may stop. That fear sent global central […]
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How to Stand Up for Ethics

We all expect our workplace’s corporate culture to champion honesty and behaviors that are ethical and free from immoral, unethical, or even illegal activity. Although you personally espouse the highest standards of ethical conduct, you might one day find yourself working at a company whose ethical compass seems broken or whose new initiative pushes the […]
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Leveraging Active Investing with Small-Cap Stocks

Elizabeth M. Lilly, CFA, finds her investment opportunities in unusual places. After breaking her iPhone screen in 2016, she did some research and discovered ZAGG, an under-the-radar stock that produced replacements. It turned out to be a serendipitous find. That general curiosity about the world and how it works has served Lilly well during her 25 […]
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Inside Mexican Capital Markets with Jaime Lazaro, CFA

The 2018 CFA Institute Latin America Investment Conference will be held in Rio de Janeiro on 1–2 March. This practitioner-oriented educational conference will focus on Latin American economies and capital markets, as well as global issues relevant to investors worldwide. Latin American markets are changing economically and politically. Recently, Jorge Castañeda suggested that Latin America […]
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