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Q&A: What’s The Future Of Investing?

Millions of people are jumping into the stock market. We’re here for it. It seems easy. It can be fun. Isn’t it for everyone? Plus, you never know when you could take a little play money, trade a hot stock, and double it up. But your real money? That long-term, easy-living, retiree-where-and-when-you-want money? That’s our […]
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FAQ: Custom Model Portfolios

What are custom model portfolios? How does this program work? This program allows advisors to customize portfolios of almost any ETFs, while utilizing Betterment for Advisors’ suite of automated features including: automated rebalancing tax-loss harvesting asset location / tax coordinated portfolios tax-optimized sales for withdrawals glide path rebalancing and more. More information about this program […]
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Key Questions about Getting Started as an Advisor

What are the requirements for partnering with Betterment for Advisors? In order to partner with Betterment for Advisors, you must be affiliated with a registered… Published Feb. 09, 2021 What are the requirements for partnering with Betterment for Advisors? In order to partner with Betterment for Advisors, you must be affiliated with a registered investment […]
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Advisor Dashboard Questions

Frequently asked questions about the advisor dashboard. Does each advisor have their own dashboard? Yes, each advisor within your firm has their own account and dashboard that provides access to manage their clients’ accounts. Each client that signs up for an account is linked to one advisor within your firm. Can advisors share a household […]
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Common Questions about Billing Your Clients

This website is operated and maintained by Betterment LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Terms & Legal Unless otherwise specified, all return figures shown above are for illustrative purposes only, and are not actual customer or model returns. Actual returns will vary greatly and depend on personal and market conditions. This website is for investment […]
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FAQ: Integration Partners

Do you integrate with portfolio management systems? Yes, we currently integrate with Orion, BlackDiamond, and Addepar. Our integrations with portfolio management systems are at the firm level and include detailed account information for all clients across the firm, such as tax lots and cost basis. Do you integrate with any CRMs? Yes, firms using Redtail […]
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Trans Inclusive Design: Gender UI

At Betterment, we’re embarking on a journey to discover what designing products that are truly for everyone might look like.  We’re learning lessons: some we knew, some we didn’t.  We learned how complicated asking a customer’s name can be.  How to display data in a way for folks with different visual abilities, and what questions […]
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