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Helping Latinx Employees With Their Unique Retirement Needs

National Hispanic American Heritage Month spans from September 15 through October 15 and, as a part of this month of recognition, we asked ourselves at Betterment for Business: What are the unique challenges facing Latinx-American employees today? How can we learn about these challenges and address them as a part of our ongoing effort to […]
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Betterment Raises $160 Million in Growth Capital

Today, we’re announcing that Betterment has secured $160 million in growth capital comprised of a $60 million Series F equity round and a $100 million credit facility. This moment comes as Betterment is the largest independent digital investment advisor with $32 billion in assets under management and nearly 700,000 clients. The Series F round was […]
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Q&A with Paul Sydlansky of Lake Road Advisors

If not otherwise specified above, this page contains original content by Betterment LLC. This content is for general informational purposes only. The information provided should be used at your own risk. The original content provided here by Betterment should not be construed as personal financial planning, tax, or financial advice. Whether an article, FAQ, customer […]
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Plan Design Matters

How to tailor a 401(k) plan you and your employees will love Designing a 401(k) plan is like building a house. It takes care, attention, and the help of a few skilled professionals to create a plan that works for both you and your employees. In fact, thoughtful plan design can help motivate even reluctant […]
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401(k) Considerations for Highly Compensated Employees

Smart savers 401(k) considerations for highly compensated employees A 401(k) plan should help every employee – from senior executives to entry-level workers – save for a more comfortable future. To help ensure highly compensated employees (HCEs) don’t gain an unfair advantage through the 401(k) plan, the IRS implemented certain rules that all plans must follow. […]
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Introducing “Delayed”: Resilient Background Jobs on Rails

In the past 24 hours, a Ruby on Rails application at Betterment performed somewhere on the order of 10 million asynchronous tasks. While many of these tasks merely sent a transactional email, or fired off an iOS or Android push notification, plenty involved the actual movement of money—deposits, withdrawals, transfers, rollovers, you name it—while others […]
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