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401(k) Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) now start at age 72

401(k) plans can help you save for retirement in a significantly tax-advantaged way. However, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that you start taking withdrawals from their qualified retirement accounts when you reach the age 72. These withdrawals are called required minimum distributions (RMDs). Why do I have to take RMDs? In exchange for the […]
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Introducing the RIA Tech Suite

The RIA Tech Suite brings together complementary technology platforms to help automate critical back-office tasks for advisors. Along with RIA in a Box®, RightCapital, and Wealthbox, Betterment for Advisors is excited to introduce the RIA Tech Suite: a set of services and tools that advisors can use to help automate and streamline back-office tasks.  Why […]
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How Memestocks Affected Investors’ Actions And Emotions

Money and emotions have long gone hand-in-hand, and this is no more apparent than during significant financial crises. From the 2008 market crash to COVID-19’s economic impact, we’ve seen first hand how money has the ability to impact our stress levels, mental health and personal relationships. And yet in times of particular financial strife—or likely […]
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SECURE Act 2.0: What it means for 401(k) Plans

On May 5th, the House Ways and Means Committee unanimously passed the Securing a Strong Retirement Act of 2021. The bill is expected to be voted on later this summer by the full House, where it’s already seeing strong support. The new bill, nicknamed SECURE Act 2.0, builds on the SECURE (Setting Every Community Up […]
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A Guide to Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans

“Your 401(k) plan failed.” Those words can strike fear in the hearts of even the most seasoned business owners. However, there’s a way to avoid the stress of your plan’s annual nondiscrimination testing. By setting up a safe harbor 401(k), you can bypass some of the tests, such as the ADP and ACP tests, and […]
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Financial Advice From Betterment’s LGBTQ+ Community

While not everybody feels that their identity affects their finances, queer people face disproportionate levels of homelessnness, carry more debt, and have more healthcare hurdles than their straight, cis-gendered peers. This Pride month, we’re highlighting stories from members of Betterment’s queer community and sharing the creative ways that they approach money in their everyday life. […]
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What Employers Should Know About Timing of 401(k) Contributions

Timing of employee 401(k) contributions (including loan repayments) When must employee contributions and loan repayments be withheld from payroll? This is a top audit issue for 401(k) plans, and requires a consistent approach by all team members handling payroll submission. If a plan is considered a ‘small plan filer’ (typically under 100 eligible employees), the […]
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Finding and Preventing Rails Authorization Bugs

At Betterment, we build public facing applications without an authorization framework by following three principles, discussed in another blog post. Those three principles are: Authorization through Impossibility Authorization through Navigability Authorization through Application Boundaries This post will explore the first two principles and provide examples of common patterns that can lead to vulnerabilities as well […]
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