Advisor Dashboard Questions


Frequently asked questions about the advisor dashboard.

Does each advisor have their own dashboard?

Yes, each advisor within your firm has their own account and dashboard that provides access to manage their clients’ accounts. Each client that signs up for an account is linked to one advisor within your firm.

Can advisors share a household or client with other advisors?

Yes, an advisor can assign secondary advisors to any of their households that contain one or many accounts. Secondary advisors have full access to those households, and can be removed at anytime from a household’s sharing settings.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow when adding a fellow advisor to one of your households:

  1. Log onto the Advisor Dashboard
  2. On the left, click “Clients”
  3. Select the client or household name from the list
  4. Select the “Settings” tab
  5. On the right, choose “+ Add Secondary Advisor” and enter the first or last name of the advisor you’d like to add. Click the name in the dropdown to complete.
  6. The page will load and if successful you’ll see a banner with this description “Successfully added (name of advisor) as a secondary advisor to (name of client/household) “

What actions can I take on behalf of my client?

Advisors can securely co-browse into the client experience to manage individual client accounts. As the advisor, you can take the following actions on behalf of your clients:

  • Add taxable goals
  • Add joint taxable goals
  • Access information on account balances and returns
  • Create ad hoc deposits or withdrawals
  • Schedule automatic deposits or withdrawals
  • View portfolio details
  • View portfolio performance
  • Adjust allocations
  • Adjust portfolio strategy
  • Access account activity, statements, and tax forms

Currently, advisors are able to invite their existing clients to open new legal accounts from within the advisor dashboard by selecting the client’s name and clicking “Add account”. These accounts include new IRAs, trusts, and joint accounts.

Can I add a new IRA or taxable goal for a joint account on behalf of my clients?

Can I add a trust account on behalf of my client?

Advisors are able to add a trust account for any existing client with just a few clicks. If you’d like to open a trust account for a prospect you’ll first need to invite them to open an Individual Taxable or any of the three available IRA accounts. Once the client opens the account they’ll appear in the Clients tab of your Advisor Dashboard. Follow the steps below to invite them to a trust account.

  1. Select the client’s name from Clients
  2. Click Add Account
  3. Select the radio dial next to “ Trust” for the Account type screen and continue
  4. Confirm that this is a US domestic trust and continue
  5. The site will give you a chance to provide the trust name, information and documents. This is optional. If you do not provide either the client will have a chance to do so.
  6. Enter the account details, define the account purpose, choose the Portfolio Strategy and continue
  7. Set the portfolio allocation and continue
  8. Confirm the new account details and click send agreements when ready
  9. Be sure to review the Trust document requirements and advise the client to submit the correct items. The account will not be approved until these are provided and successfully reviewed.

Note: The trust will not be visible in your advisor dashboard until your client consents to the agreements. Once required information and documents have been submitted, trust approval can take up to five business days to complete. You and the client be notified of the reviews outcome via email, please let us know if you’d like any named trustees added to the account.

How do I set a portfolio strategy for my client?

For a new client:

  1. To define the initial account type and portfolio strategy please choose Invite Client > Complete on client’s behalf
  2. Select the account type and purpose and continue
  3. Select your preferred portfolio strategy from the dropdown then set the target allocation
  4. Confirm your client’s details and send.

For an existing, funded client on the platform:

  1. On the Client page of the advisor dashboard, click into the household (or client) in which you would like to make a portfolio strategy change.
  2. Scroll down to the goal on which you’d like to change the portfolio strategy and click the Edit button that corresponds to the portfolio as shown in the image below
  3. Select the portfolio strategy and the asset allocation. You can also view a tax impact preview of the change before implementing here.
  4. Confirm the portfolio strategy change.
  5. The system will automatically execute trades in a tax minimizing manner to reach the new target allocation.

Am I able to access information related to my clients’ accounts on the platform?

Yes, you are able to access information related to your clients’ accounts–including, holdings, balances, and performance information–via the advisor dashboard.

How do I remove a client’s accounts from my firm?

Please follow the steps below to remove the client from your firm’s client list:

  1. Log onto the advisor dashboard
  2. Select the client from the Clients list
  3. Click Settings and scroll down to “Household Actions”
  4. Click “Remove this household” and complete the confirmation modal by checking the box and clicking “Remove Household”

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